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Size Guides

Adult T-Shirts (Unisex)
Small - Chest: 46cm, Length: 66cm
Medium - Chest: 51cm, Length: 70cm
Large - Chest: 53cm, Length: 72cm
Extra Large - Chest: 60cm, Length: 74cm

Womens T-Shirts
Small - Chest: 37cm, Length: 63cm
Medium - Chest: 40cm, Length: 63cm
Large - Chest: 46cm, Length: 64cm 
Extra Large - Chest: 49cm, Length 69cm

Hooded Jumpers and Sweatshirts
Small - Chest: 50cm, Length: 65cm, Arms: 59cm
Medium - Chest: 55cm, Length: 68cm, Arms: 60cm
Large - Chest: 60cm, Length: 69cm, Arms: 64cm
Extra Large - Chest: 65cm, length: 70cm, Arms: 61cm